Here's a list of custom asset mods created by the community using Devil Daggers Asset Editor. The mods may also come with their own custom spawnset. Read below for more information.

Mods list

Name Author(s)
Shadows Die Thousand 0xconfig
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Alk
Untitled Soundpack Axe
Newports Duncdaddi, Axe, Ayuk
Half-Life 1 Sounds Ayuk
Obama Daggers Bintr
Deathgrips Bintr
Braden's Soundpacks Braden
Braden's Gfxpacks Braden
Nifty Daggers Braden
Post LUT Experiments Braden
DOOM Duncdaddi
Epic True Soundpack Eidolon
Epic True Soundpack v2 Eidolon
Blood of the Fang Eidolon
Devil Dongers Eidolon
There is no Spoon Nito
Devil Nails LocoCaesar_IV
Lungy Ultimate Soundpack Lungy
The Perfect Demons feat. Jin Kazama Lungy
Nulls Cancerpack Nullifier
Emerald Daggers Nullifier
Milky Daggers Nullifier
Neon Knights Nullifier
Null's Enhanced DD Pack Nullifier
Underline Nullifier
Color out of Hell P-Wave
Deathgrips 2.0 P-Wave
Cake's Soundpack Perpetucake
Obtain Pritster
Pritster's Earbleeder v2 Pritster
Menu Music Pritster
Hell is Cold Pritster
Hell Tastes Nasty Pritster
Eggil Eggers Pritster
Magic Bulletz Pritster
dabSkull IRL Pritster
Added Sugar Pritster
Magic Missilez Pritster
MCDD (Minecraft) Shef
The Definitive Experience TSTAB
Xamide's Soundpack xamide

How to play mods

  1. Download the files from a mod listed above.
  2. Navigate to the directory where Devil Daggers is installed.
    By default, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\devildaggers on Windows.
    The folders "core", "dd", and "res" contain the files that can be modded.
  3. Replace the files inside the folders with the files you downloaded.



Can I get banned for using mods?
No, you can only get banned manually by the developer for submitting illegitimate runs to the official leaderboard.
Can I override my real score while playing a mod?
Yes, unless you have modified the devildaggers/dd/particle file.
How do I make my own mods?
  1. Download DevilDaggersAssetEditor.
  2. Check out the Asset Editor Guide.
I've made my own mods that I want to share with the community. Can I get them listed on here?
Yes, certainly. Send a link to, or just join the Discord server and send it there.
Please include the following information:
  • Mod name
  • Leaderboard username, rank, or user ID (user ID can be found by hovering over your rank number on the Leaderboard page), or if you prefer to stay anonymous, an alias or no name at all is fine too