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Basic information

The following files contain assets:

File name
All audio (sound effects and music)
All textures, all models, most shaders
Some shaders
All particles

The default location for {DEVIL DAGGERS INSTALL FOLDER} is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\devildaggers.

How to play a mod

In order to play mods, replace one of the files with a modded file. In constrast to spawnsets, all four asset files are only reloaded when Devil Daggers starts up.

How to make a mod

Modding assets in Devil Daggers can be done using a tool called Devil Daggers Asset Editor which is available for download on this website.


Download DDAE and follow the installation instructions.

Creating a default modding file

Before diving into the program, it is recommended to set up default modding files. Since raw asset files are huge, DDAE works with modding files, which basically just contain the list of custom asset paths. By creating a default asset path, you will always have the original asset "mod" ready, which will make things a lot easier in the future. In this example we will set up a default audio mod. Let's go through it step by step:

Step 1: Extracting the original audio

Step 2: Creating the default modding file

It is recommended to create a default modding file for all four asset files. This is a one-time setup; if done right, you won't have to do the previous steps ever again. Saves a lot of work whenever you want to make a new mod. Note that if you change the locations of assets, it will break the modding file. You can either use the relative path setting when creating a modding file, or you can open it in a text editor and globally replace the old base path with the new path.

Making your own mod

Step 1: Modifying assets

Note: You can preview your new asset using the preview controls located above the asset list.

Step 2: Saving your mod

Note: You can set a default path for mods in Options > Settings. This is purely optional and is just convenient for when you're opening your mods.

Step 3: Compressing the mods into a binary file Devil Daggers can read from