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Spawnset name Spawnset author
AttackAttackAttack xvlv
bintrs cool spawnset Bintr
HellOnSteroids xvlv
TheFourLeviathanOfTheApocalypse Ravenholmzombies
Aim_Training hamburger
FourDigitSkullSplitter Pritster
Coil Ravenholmzombies
bigplate Pritster
Panic Stations Stop.
Beyblade Stop.
V1 Sorath
V2 Sorath
infinity_farm Pritster
Intimidate Ravenholmzombies
Smoke hamburger
Kill Stop.
PrettyHard xvlv
Planes_of_Existence_v1_Easy Perpetucake
littleplate Pritster
AttackAttackAttack2 xvlv
BradensNiftySpawnset Braden
nanospawn Nullifier
V3 but Levi is at the start Stop.
TooManySkulls Braden
Loopy xvlv
Bonk xvlv
hell_wants_you_back james ☆
abyss Nullifier
dont_die_the_stretch_V2 zeidolon


How do I participate?
How do I get my spawnset a leaderboard?
If you think your spawnset should have a leaderboard, send an email to The spawnset should meet some requirements:
  • Must have an endloop (spawnsets without an endloop, also known as "challenges", might get separate "leaderboards" (more like a list of people who have completed it) in the future).
  • Must be more or less original (especially the endloop should be unique).
  • Bronze, Silver, Golden, and Devil times should be specified and need to be possible, though you can make them very difficult to achieve if you wish.
  • Optionally, you can specify an additional Homing time (even though this is kind of a joke, the time should still be somewhat achievable).
How does it work?
The program constantly scans the 'dd.exe' process for certain values stored in memory.
It can detect a bunch of values, as well as which spawnset you're playing.
When the player dies, it uploads those values to a leaderboard on, based on the spawnset.