Welcome to DevilDaggers.info, a website specifically made for the game Devil Daggers.

This is a fan-made website; the creator of this website is not related to the developers of Devil Daggers. Devil Daggers is a game created by Sorath, and devildaggers.com is the official website for the game.

I first launched this website in early 2017 as a small hobby project. It started as a simple leaderboard page, so people could view the leaderboard without opening the game. Later I added wiki pages for spawns, hand upgrades, enemy types, and dagger types. After that I began hosting custom spawnsets, which allow modifications of the enemy spawns and arena of the main game. I developed a spawnset editor to create spawnsets more easily, and some time later created and began hosting custom leaderboards for them.

Since then, I've expanded the project quite a bit, adding leaderboard history, world record progression, statistics, the possibility to mod the assets of the game, and much more.

All of this would not have been possible without such a dedicated and helpful community. Thank you.

Feel free to join the Discord server.