Custom leaderboards are leaderboards for custom spawnsets hosted by

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Spawnset name Spawnset author
bintrs cool spawnset Bintr
HellOnSteroids xvlv
TheFourLeviathanOfTheApocalypse lsaille
Aim_Training Cookie
FourDigitSkullSplitter Pritster
Coil lsaille
bigplate Pritster
Panic Stations Stop
Beyblade Stop
V1 Sorath
V2 Sorath
infinity_farm Pritster
Intimidate lsaille
Smoke Cookie
Kill Stop
PrettyHard xvlv
Planes_of_Existence_v1_Easy cake
littleplate Pritster
AttackAttackAttack2 xvlv
BradensNiftySpawnset Braden


How do I participate?
You will need the Devil Daggers Custom Leaderboards program, also known as DDCL.
The program is not publicly available for download, but if you'd like to try it out, visit the Discord server.
How does it work?
The program constantly scans the 'dd.exe' process for certain values stored in memory.
It can detect a bunch of values, as well as which spawnset you're playing.
When the player dies, it uploads those values to a leaderboard based on the spawnset.
Sounds easy? It's actually pretty complicated, scanning another process's memory is not really a common task for an application. This is why DDCL might sometimes be unstable.
Testing helps me a lot, I'd like to thank everyone who helped testing DDCL, and I'd especially like to thank Bintr for helping me figure out and explaining how to do this in the first place.
Source code?
Unfortunately I cannot share the source code since it would allow people to cheat the leaderboards.