These are all API functions available. Only GET parameters are supported for now. The functions are currently used in the client-side section of the website and also in DevilDaggersSurvivalEditor, but feel free to use them for any tool or application you've made yourself. This table is automatically generated, so it will always be up to date.

List of functions

Returns the Death object for the given deathType and gameVersion. Returns all Death objects if no deathType parameter was specified. Returns the unknown (N/A) Death object if an invalid deathType was specified. Returns the Death object found in V3 if no gameVersion parameter was specified or if the parameter was incorrect.
Returns all game versions and their release dates.
Returns 100 leaderboard entries from the current leaderboard starting at the rank parameter. The default is rank 1.
Returns the spawnset file corresponding to the given fileName parameter.
Returns the list of available spawnsets on the site. Optional filtering can be done using the searchAuthor and searchName parameters.
Returns the list of tools including their version number.
Returns all the world records found in the leaderboard history section of the site.
[DEPRECATED: Use the GetSpawnset function instead.] Returns the spawnset corresponding to the given file parameter.


Returns the result(s) for every spawnset that contains "Sorath" in the spawnset's author and "V" in the spawnset's name.
Returns the Death object for the deathType 10 which is ANNIHILATED, and also formats the JSON.
Returns the spawnset with the name "V3_Sorath".